WP Staging Pro 2.3.6

Wp Staging Pro

WP Staging Changes to Live Site WP Staging Allows You Working Safely on Your Website

  • • Copy DB & files from staging to live site
  • • Exclude specific DB tables & folders
  • • Very fast cloning process
  • • User roles authentication
  • • Even huge websites are supported
  • • Very simple to use WP Staging Pro pushes all your modified data and files from staging site to live site in a very comfortable and easy way.

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Main Features of WP Staging Pro 2.3.6

See below why WP STAGING is used on more than 40.000 websites. Where is the staging site located? You can copy the staging site to a subfolder of your main site or to a complete custom path. It stays entirely on your server and none of your data will be transferred to any third parties. You can clone the production site to another database and even to the same database of the live site. In that case, all staging site database tables will be prefixed by wpstg_.

This ensures that the live WordPress site never interferes with the staging site. Do I need technical skills to use it? There is no special knowledge needed to create a staging site. Just click on a button and the entire job will be done for you. Can the client make changes and the agency or developer can push it? That’s absolutely possible. Your client can modify plugins or posts and the admin can push over the content by using the pushing function.

Can we push the database selectively and skip WooCommerce transactions? You can push specific database tables only and can exclude WooCommerce tables to prevent overwriting of these data on the production site. You can also push files only and omit database data. If you made changes in the _posts and _postmeta table of your staging site you need to export new orders first and import them to the staging site before doing the migration. Read more… Is the staging site indexed by Google, any SEO issues?

The staging site is not available to the public and needs authentication before it can be accessed. So there are no possible SEO issues here. Can we use backup plugins on the staging site? Yes, you can backup the complete staging site including the entire database and files.

What’s New in WP Staging Pro 2.3.6

* Feat: Compatible up to WordPress 5.7.2
* Enhance: Preserve directories/tables selection and excludes rules for RESET and UPDATE process #809
* Enhance: If any wpstg process is running allow to stop that process within RESET modal #942
* Fix: Fix multisite subsite capabilities on the staging site #852
* Fix: Properly resets the properties between Cloning tasks #896
* Fix: Avoid PHP warning when building version of missing asset file #929
* Fix: Clean leftover wpstg-tmp-* and wpstg-bak-* directories from plugins and themes directories while push #954
* Fix: Make RESET modal show error message within modal on failed response instead of browser logs #942
* Fix: Replace wpstgGetCloneSettings() in mail-settings.php with CloneOption::get() #956
# Fix: Little typo changed effect to affect #963
# Fix: Made node_modules dir to be only excluded from WP Staging’s Plugins #963
* Fix: Fix UPDATE and RESET for old wpstg clones which are without appended underscore db prefix #958

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