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Download Free WP Media Folder Plugin – Media Manager with Folders Premium. WP Media Folder Plugin is one of the top names when it comes to plugins that provide access to a variety of media files and media folders in the WP Media folder. Given the wide range of content on the web and the enormous number of options available to the user, it is a great addition to any WP media folder, even those with a large number of files.

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WP Media Folder Plugin relies on the native WordPress media library, so if you want to uninstall the plugin, you lose all your media files. If you have already uploaded media to your server using the FTP Gallery Manager plugin, you can import the content directly into the WP Media folder. Since WP Media Folder Plugin uses the default WordPress media manager, it will work in the same way as any other plugin, which should mean that it will have access to a variety of content from the WordPress media folder and media folder.

Since the Media Library is an extension of the WP Real Media Library, you can also create a folder in your Media Folder. In short, WP Media Folder Plugin helps you to use files that are not only stored in WordPress but also elsewhere.

Main features of WP Media Folder Plugin 5.3.18

WP Media Folder Plugin is able to manage these folders and also ensures that you can import the default WordPress media categories into the plugin without any problems. In fact, the WordPress Media Library plugin is a great way to manage media files and make it easier to search for specific files. With the WP Media Folder WordPress plugin, you can easily organize your files, add media, and much more.

WP Media Folder Plugin is one such WordPress plugins that have been designed to help you effortlessly discover all the media files present on your site.
Once installed, the Media Library Categories plugin allows you to use the categories directly from the WordPress library.

WP Media Folder Plugin also allows you to sort media items in your WordPress media library by taxonomy in a list or grid view. It also allows filtering all media files in it by using custom taxonomies using list and grid views.
After activation, the plugin adds a new menu item called “Media Library Folder” in the WordPress Admin sidebar. If you enable it, you will see the media library folders in your WordPress in a grid view in front of your media library.

Select from the list of WordPress plugins and select media library folders that you use to disable them in WordPress and delete the folder data.
If you are looking for a do-it-yourself file manager plugin, WordPress Real Media Library is a viable option. Both pro and free versions of the plugin are available to all users, so it is best to consider your personal preferences and requirements before you settle for it.

The best part is that WP Media Folder is compatible with other media plugins based on the WordPress Media Library. It is also fully integrated with WooCommerce to help you manage your products and images as if they were part of your website’s content management system, not just your media library. The plugin supports various themes, including WPML and Woocommerce, and it integrates with many other plugins such as Media Manager, Media Center, and more.

Since the function of media libraries in WordPress has become a more practical function over time, we recommend using FileBirds WordPress media library folders, which is one of the most desired methods for the proper organization of your media library, since a number of other options are also available for the file manager plugin.

The WordPress Media Library Folders is a plugin that allows you to add folders and subfolders to your media library. Here is a great WordPress Music Library plugin that gives you the ability to create folders or subfolders. There are a number of options to create folders, galleries, import galleries directly from pages or posts, and much more. Media library folders in WordPress to add a drag-and-drop interface to label and organize media files in the drag-and-drop interfaces.

To make your life much easier, you can separate, categorize and store your media files in a variety of different ways.

WP Media Folder Plugin gets additional compatibility so that you can synchronize your cloud services with your WordPress media library. You can seamlessly integrate cloud stores and platforms into your WP media folder and use them directly in the WordPress editor. The WordPress Media Folder is compatible with the existing WP Media Manager, which means that you do not have to stop using one to use the other.

The above-mentioned media plugin will absolutely help you to better manage your WordPress media library and keep it clean and tidy. Media files can be managed with a fantastic plugin called FileBird WordPress Media Library Folders, developed by NinjaTeam. It will dramatically take the WordPress media library to the next level and manage all your media files in one place. This fantastic and popular plugin, called WP Media Folder Plugin for File Bird, developed by Ninja Team, will take your WordPress Media Library to the next level.

Main Features:

  • WordPress Gallery From Media Folder
  • Media in Multiple Folders
  • WordPress Media Ordering &Filtering
  • Import & Sync Server Folders and Media
  • WooCommerce and 3rd Party Compatible
  • Update-Replace-Duplicate Existing Media
  • Image Watermark
  • SEO friendly


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What’s New On WP Media Folder WordPress Plugin 5.3.18

Fix: PHP fatal error on WordPress multisite

Fix PDF embed that contains a hyperlink
Fix Remove preview image when reloading attachment
Fix Replace PNG image
Fix Remove watermark from images

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