WooCommerce Shipping Per Product 2.3.12

WooCommerce Shipping Per Product

WooCommerce Shipping Per Product For WordPress

WooCommerce Shipping Per Product plugin allows us to add shipping prices for each product on our eCommerce store. A fixed percentage of the charge for each product will be added to the cart as a shipping charge. In this article, I will show you how you can use WooCommerce to get shipping charges for certain products, and what you need to do to properly calculate for your shippable products. WooCommerce has a standard shipping method for free shipping, and it applies to all products.

If you have more than 1 item in your cart, then there are 2 types of shipping charges, which means:

  1. The cost of A is the normal shipping costs of the other items, and
  2. B is the cost of the bulkier items which be called as Standalone Method – The shipping method is the default method. You will see an option to activate all product shipping costs. All shipping costs are added in the form of a single price.

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping Zone and add a shipping method. If the shipping method requires a standalone method, it will be displayed as a shipping method during the order. Define the shipping costs per product. You will see the “Ship Product” checkbox under the Shipping tab. Go back to the WooCommerce product and select the product to enable product shipment. You can adjust the number of items used per product and the shipping quantity per unit. You can count product units, multiple shipping units, or fractions of shipping units.

Download “WooCommerce Shipping Per Product 2.3.12” file – Downloaded 10 times –

You can use WooCommerce Shipping Per Product plugin when you want to have different shipping costs for a particular product. Heavy or large products may require special shipping. To handle such cases, you can specify the shipping costs for individual products with WooCommerce Shipping Per Product.

Setting up WooCommerce Shipping Per Product plugin.

Log in to the WordPress admin of your online store. Navigate to Plugins > Add New Uploads > Upload WooCommerce Shipping Per Product plugin and activate it. After installing the plugin, WooCommerce can add a new shipping method for shipping per product.

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Per Product Shipping

WooCommerce Shipping Per Product

Now you have to enable the plugin by selecting the checkbox and save changes, otherwise, the plugin will remain disabled. WooCommerce Shipping Per Product field as shown below will control the title which the user sees during the checkout.

WooCommerce Shipping Per Product

Now admin can set up the shipping price under the product section. Create a new product and add shipping prices. Enable the Shipping Per Product field and enter the cost of the product based on the countries.

Consider that you have two products: cap and a chair. If you want to charge for shipping on the cap, but offer free shipping on the chair, I will show you a scenario to apply free shipping to shippable products. Click the Add Shipping button to get started. The admin can set the shipping price for his product. This allows them to specify a country code, a country code, a PIN code and a PIN code for sending. Costs vary by destination. The admin will then be able to set these codes and PIN codes for sending.

WooCommerce Shipping Per Product

The shipping costs for the entire shopping cart will be calculated in the order of the minimum cost. If there are several rules that correspond to the shopping cart, the highest rate will be included in the calculation. In the order of the maximum cost, it is calculated on the entire shopping cart

Once you are done with setting up the above steps in the backend, you can see the results like below.

WooCommerce Shipping Per Product


You will not be able to view the USPS shipping costs on your shopping cart or checkout page with this plugin. In fact, if you want to view USPS shipping costs and print shipping labels, you need to buy the premium extension for WooCommerce. With this plugin you can only create USPS shipping labels or download the premium WooCommerce Shipping Per Product plugin on this page by clicking the download button.

Download “WooCommerce Shipping Per Product 2.3.12” file – Downloaded 10 times –

WooCommerce Shipping Per Product plugin allows you to hide the default shipping method of third-party shipping plugins in your WooCommerce store. Integration into your store will also help you hide other shipping methods so that your customers can select the free shipping option on the checkout page.

If you integrate a specific freight forwarder into your business, you can hide the entire method and specific service of this freight forwarder. For example, you could hide the default WooCommerce shipping method for certain products and offer one shipping method over certain others. You can also offer and display free shipping for products of a specific shipping class

There are many ways to create WooCommerce shipping per item, including using item quantities, creating advanced tiered tariffs, and customizing plugins. In order to create a system with a total number of boxes per basket, we assume that each product fits into 2 boxes and multiply this by the cost per box.

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