WooCommerce RedSys Payment Gateway 12.0.0

WooCommerce RedSys Payment Gateway

WooCommerce Redsys Payment Gateway For WordPress

In this article, we are going to see how to install and configure the WooCommerce Redsys Payment Gateway plugin in an online WooCommerce store. If you are looking for an alternative for PayPal that needs to acts as a virtual online POS, WooCommerce Redsys Payment Gateway is the best choice. The Woocommerce store owner can directly receive payment to his bank account.

The default installation of the Woocommerce Redsys Payment Gateway plugin includes basic support for the PayPal Online Payment Gateway. This is sufficient for our needs and as a well-known gateway it applies to most of our customers

To install this plugin, go to Plugin | Add New – Now at the right corner, search for WooCommerce Redsys Payment Gateway. you will see this plugin as shown below.

WooCommerce Redsys Payment Gateway

Install and activate the plugin.

This is not a premium plugin so you will not get full access to all the functionality. This gateway plugin is also available as a premium gateway. Depending on your choice, whether to choose a free version or you can pay and get a premium version. You can take the premium upgrade to use this plugin. This plugin requires that an SSL certificate is installed in order to be able to continue using it. If you would like to download a premium version of this plugin, click on the download button below.

Download “WooCommerce RedSys Payment Gateway 12.0.0” file – Downloaded 6 times –

Go to Woocommerce | Settings | Payment – You will see the Redsy payment gateway option. Now we are going to set up the Redsy Payment gateway to WooCommerce.

The ‘page looks like this and we have to enable this gateway. You can change the title, this is the way the title appears to customers on your website. Enter the description for this payment method so that it will be visible to the customers. For example: pay securely with your credit card or pay securely with your debit card

WooCommerce Redsys Payment Gateway

Next one is Transaction Type. There are two types of transactions:

  1. Charge – we are not choosing this option because the transaction is complete and the fund transferred to your account immediately.
  2. Authorization – choose this option because the bank has the authorization to hold the fund within the account until the product moves on or delivered to the customer.
WooCommerce Redsys Payment Gateway

There are two other options available under Transaction type when I changed it to Authorization. I recommend you opt-in for the two fields.

  1. Charge Virtual-Only Order: Enable this option immediately to charge rather than authorize the transaction if the order contains exclusively virtual items. For example: if you are selling a digital product like software or ebooks, and you can’t wait for the authorization because there is no way to get the digital product back if the payment bounces. So generally we have to charge for the virtual or digital products. but for physical products, you must opt-out of this option.
  2. Capture Paid Option: We can capture paid orders which means we’ll automatically capture the charges once the product status is changed to processing or completed.

Here you can discover and choose the accepted payment options.

WooCommerce Redsys Payment Gateway

If you want to use the Redsys Gateway for Visa or Master by default, go to WooCommerce Settings > Checkout, drag the gateway and save it. Then go back to WooCommerce Settings > Checkout > Visa or Master. Add a description (e.g.: “Pay with your Visa or Master”)

We can allow customers to save the payment information for future purchases by choosing the option “Customer Profiles“. This can avoid providing payment information again they can use the card they paid at last time. This information will be saved on Redsys server, not our server or website. So you don’t worry about privacy conformity.

WooCommerce Redsys Payment Gateway

Detailed Decline Message: You can enable it if you want to provide a detailed declined message whenever a transaction is being declined. You can provide a specific reason to your customer why the card was declined.

Debug Mode: You don’t need to do anything with this option because it is used to troubleshoot the website when something is gone wrong. This needs to remain “OFF” and remember to click on the Save button.

Now we are going to actually add and authorize Redsys account on the WooCommerce website. You can enable sandbox mode in case you wanted to test, otherwise connect to your Redsys account.

WooCommerce Redsys Payment Gateway
WooCommerce RedSys Payment Gateway 12.0.0 8

Click on connect with Redsys button, this will take you to your Redsys account. You can now log in and authorize to use it on your website. Once you have completes the configuration, you are good to go with this payment option.

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Hope you understand the features and how to configure WooCommerce Redsys Payment Gateway Plugin in your WooCommerce store. I would like to hear your questions or suggestions in the comment section.

Download “WooCommerce RedSys Payment Gateway 12.0.0” file – Downloaded 6 times –

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