WooCommerce Product Search 3.2.0

WooCommerce Product Search

Uses of WooCommerce Product Search 3.2.0

In this article, We are going to see the uses of WooCommerce Product Search plugin and few extension that helps woocommerce store.

What is Woocommerce in WordPress?

It is an open source plugin designed for online stores and merchants in WordPress platform. A merchant can easily create a store and sell their products online. There are plenty of addon plugins which supports woocommerce to run smoothly in WordPress

If you have already managed to bring your WordPress site to market, then you should be able to handle WooCommerce. As it is a WordPress plugin, you can create a free account on Woo and create a seamless integration with it, which can come with a full-fledged affiliate program that can be operated through your Woo shop. In addition, anyone can use the free WordPress plugins such as WordPress themes, plugins and e-commerce plugins. Since both WordPress and Woocommerce are open source, developers who create themes and plugins are available to help you if you have problems, and since it is a plugin, you will also get support from the WordPress community.

Woocommerce Product Search Plugin is one of the useful plugin that helps your customers to search the products by category. If you run a WooCommerce store and try to run ads for your products, it is recommended that you add this.

Download “WooCommerce Product Search 3.2.0” file – Downloaded 6 times –

We are going to see in detail about the uses and the features below.

Uses Of Woocommerce Product Search

WooCommerce Product Search plugin allows you to make searchable listings and product archives using a variety of methods: By creating a Product Search plugin you can go a long way in enhancing the search functionality of your WooCommerce store.

Each WooCommerce product that is sold is required to have its product page linked to the WooCommerce marketplace.

The link can be provided either directly to your customer using a special product button or indirectly by linking it to a product archive located within your shop.

WooCommerce Product Search
WooCommerce Product Search 3.2.0 3

We are also going to see few other addon extensions that helps Woocommerce plugin.

WooCommerce Product Archive

This extension will direct each saleable product to a separate archive with detailed information about the item. Each archive is indexed using the Simple Search Indexer. It includes an additional form that can be used to add product details directly to the archive.

Moreover, you can customize the archive for all products of any order, linking a name to each product archive.

A particularly neat feature is the possibility of creating an archive of all your products, a multiple product archive of specific categories, or creating a biography for each product archive.

Webinar Plugin

You can have your webinar available in search engines such as Google or Bing within seconds. The WordPress plugin is very simple and allows you to create and manage a separate searchable area for webinar sessions.

Each webinar will be searchable via a specific keyword in the search engine of your choice, in addition to the session itself.

Some important features:

You can create multiple webinar URLs that can be used in a variety of ways to ensure that the webinar is searchable via search engines.

You can add category and session descriptions to the webinar, enabling search engines to learn more about the webinar.

Additional searchable attributes, including duration, participants, tags, and an HTML snippet will also be added.

Searchable Audio Book

With this, you can add a video and a text description to your audio book in few seconds. It has many of the basic features what are as follow:

The audio book is listed in a specific category within the product search box.

You can search it for a particular keyword or keyword phrase, making it accessible to both search engines and customers.

Searchable Text Overview

Next to the audio book, you can add a text overview for each item in your product archive.

It will provide search engines with information on the product, including an image, the label, description, price, date, the theme name, title, custom shortcode, a link to the premium service and any other custom data you have collected.

You can change the text overview URL, enabling it to be accessible for search engines, and to customize the text description itself.

WooCommerce Product Search Prices

  • You can price your products using a range of payment methods including:
  • Checks & Credit Cards
  • Bank Accounts
  • Money Orders & Bank Transfers
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Traditional Bank Accounts
  • A-Bank
  • SBA Loans
  • Overdrafts
  • Credit Cards
  • Unique Product Segmentation

Uniqueness is important in making sure that you remain in demand. That is why the plugin has the ability to categorize your product listings into distinct product groups.

The segmentation allows you to highlight, separate and differentiate your products in the various categories and provide unique analytics to better understand your business.

WooCommerce Product Search Workflow

You can provide a simple checkout process using a product archive for your product or the product page, or both.

WooCommerce Product Search will include the product details for a specific product that is listed within the purchase cart.

Here you can create a product archive, search for a specific item, and save the product archive directly into the product search box, enabling search engines to discover and search for the item.

Other Features

Tailored Product Images

The plugin adds a dynamic image to a product’s description. This image will be customized according to the product categories and keywords in your product archive.

The use of a photo helps you ensure that your product images are searchable. And it is an excellent way to showcase the different aspects of the product, including colors, size, condition, number of pages, desired angle, and so on.

Unlike products that appear static, you can make sure that the images are up-to-date by adding an expiration date. This will enable search engines to learn more about your product archive, and ensure that you remain in demand.

Key Features

Use the database or search function on a page within your product page to search the product archive.

Search within a product archive for a specific keyword or keyword phrase, giving search engines an idea of how valuable your product is to customers.

Collect the necessary information in a template file that you can use to manage your product archive.

Purchase the Premium Version of the Plugin

The Premium Version of the plugin allows you to define a customer profile for every single item in your product archive.

Additionally, you can configure your customer profile to match the requirements of any category or category grouping, making it easy for customers to discover products they are interested in.

For example, you can set customer profile requirements to a list of keywords for products in your customer category, and you can generate the URL for your product archive where you can display, display, or segment your customer profile using a custom URL, based on the specific requirements.

WooCommerce Product Search Premium Features:

In addition to the features that are featured in the Standard Version, the Premium Version of the plugin includes the following features:

  • Custom Shortcodes
  • Customizable Title Filters
  • Customize a Theme Name
  • Create Multiple Customer Profiles
  • Set Up Segmented Customer Profiles
  • Default Product Image Definition
  • Create a Subdirectory for Your Product Archive
  • Option to Launch to Default Entry in Search Result
  • Tailored Product Images

The Premium Version of the plugin provides you with the ability to create custom product images. This includes the ability to define the image colors, size, width, and image dimensions for a custom product image. You can display the image to the right of the product description, or allow it to be used within the product page itself.

You can also add other aspects to your image such as unique product visuals. The ability to provide a dynamic image within a specific product category helps build familiarity with your products to ensure that you are in demand.

The plugin allows you to use standard WordPress categories for your product archive, which is beneficial in making your product archive easily searchable.

These categories make it easy for visitors to find specific items, and allow you to collect information about products such as whether they are already on sale, have positive reviews, or have recommendations from others. You can further tailor your product archive by using your company’s logo, and adding dynamic product images that highlight the product’s strengths.

Customize a Theme Name

Adding a logo to your product portfolio is not as straightforward as you would expect, especially if you have a range of products. There is no easy way to define your logo, but the plugin makes it possible to do so using a template file.

This will allow you to easily create unique logos that can be used for all of your products in a personalized way.

Set Up an Application File

You can set up a new application file that can store the data required to describe a customer’s profile for each of your products. This will allow you to change customers profiles if necessary to comply with a client’s desired specifications, such as specific categories that they want to collect information about.

This may not be the best option for ensuring a streamlined product listing, but it can still provide you with a better user experience if the product listing is different from your product archive.

If you are storing a product archive across multiple sites, you should set up customer profiles for each of your site profiles. This allows the client to define a customer profile for each of their current products, as well as for their future products. This makes it much easier for customers to find and purchase your products.

Download “WooCommerce Product Search 3.2.0” file – Downloaded 6 times –

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