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WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

Woocommerce Google Analytics Pro WordPress Plugin Features

WooCommerce Google Analytics is a free plugin that is specially designed to add most of Google Analytics data to your WooCommerce store in WordPress. In this post, I will show you how I have added Google Analytics to my WordPress Woo Commerce.

At its core, this plugin is designed to bring advanced event tracking to your WooCommerce Store and send all relevant data from your store to the main Google Analytics dashboard. Once the plugin has been installed and activated, you can have the entire Google Analytics in your WordPress dashboard! Once you have connected your Google Analytics account and selected your profile, you will see a large “Google Analytics” field at the top right of the WordPress page.

Download WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro for free below

Download “WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro 1.10.0” file – Downloaded 9 times –

If you prefer not to use this plugin, it is relatively easy to add your Google Analytics tracking code directly into your WordPress theme as a feature in your .php file. Add your analytics code and save your changes before you start tracking, or add it after you start tracking.

Step by Step Guide

If you already use the free WooCommerce Google Analytics plugin for basic eCommerce tracking, you can disable it from the plugin at any time. Remember that this plugin works with Woocommerce, but only if you are connected to the Google Analytics plugin.

If you just want an easy way to add Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress and don’t care about dashboard statistics, then you can take a look at the Jetpack Google Analytics features that help you integrate it into your website as well as your dashboard. If you want the Google Analytics Dashboard from WordPress to provide deep insights from Google without affecting the speed of your pages or WordPress security, you need a Google Analytics Dashboard plugin.

You can find many good free options for those of you who just wanted a tool that adds Google Analytics tracking scripts to WordPress, but you haven’t paid for it. Go for the free WooCommerce Google Analytic plugin for WordPress for an easier option for you who just wants to add a Google analytics trackers code to WordPress but does not care about the dashboard stat.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro
eCommerce Tracking details

The plugin acts as a bridge between Google Analytics and the WooCommerce plugin and connects the two plugins. The free version of the plugin offers Google Analytics integration according to the same principle as the free Google Analytics integration plus for WordPress, which works according to the same principles as the extension of wooCommerce settings.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro
Advanced eCommerce Reports

Of course, there are several ways to optimize your WordPress site, but adding Google Analytics to WooCommerce is a fantastic way to track the progress data of your online store. You can use this plugin to add Google Analytics to your WP website without touching a single line of code and without hiring a developer. When you connect Woo Commerce and Google Analytic Pro WordPress plugin, it gives you the ability to not only optimize WordPress websites but also track your e-commerce data.

If you have not yet purchased and downloaded the WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro plugin, you can do so now. Before we start with the plugin itself, which allows us to create a WordPress Analytics dashboard, it is worth setting up a Google Analytics account first. To receive Checkout Behavior Analytics, you must purchase Woo Commerce Google Analytic Pro and you will need a website profile created with Google Analytics.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro automatically fills your hopper for purchasing behavior and you can see the steps it will use when you scroll down the hopper for checkout. Once you have installed and activated the Google Analytics WordPress plugin, you just need to add advanced eCommerce tracking to your Google Analytics ID in the settings.

It is extremely easy to set up the plugin if we have just installed it and enabled tracking with our Google Analysis account. After you have installed and activated it, you should now be able to add this plugin to your Google, Analytics, and WordPress. Set up plugins and install the plugins with your Google Analytics account and track your e-commerce activities on your website.

In this step, you need to install the Enhanced E-Commerce Google Analytics plugin on your website and activate it with your Google Analysis account.

When you install CAOS and enter the Google Analytics Tracking ID, the plugin adds the code required for Google Analytics to your WordPress site. All tags you put in the Google Tag Manager, including those of Google Analysis, now work with this plugin on the WordPress site. The WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration Plugins provide you with access to all the features you are used to with the Google Tag Manager and the ability to use them.

This free plugin connects Google Analytics to your WordPress site with just a few clicks, and there’s not much more than that. 

What’s New in WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

  • Misc – Add support for WooCommerce 3.6

Download “WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro 1.10.0” file – Downloaded 9 times –

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