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Scroll Magic

Scroll Magic is a fantastic WordPress animation plugin that is speckled with great animations that you can add with a few clicks. In this article, we will report on how to start with ScrollMagic and how it works. Above you will find a list of some of the fine WordPress animation plugins that will help you to add as many animations as you want.

Still counting, this plugin offers about 130 animation styles just to offer its users a high-quality service. It also responds to all media and is compatible with all browsers and SVG icons.

Scroll Magic Features:

You can do pretty much anything you could do with CSS3 animations and color transformations. You can create your own animations by setting the font, background, and speed with Scene Builder, making it easy to make your animation choices.
You can also add shortcodes to make it easy for a person with a non-technical background to create an animation for himself. You can add animations with CSS selectors, which make it as easy as possible to add the desired effect to any part of the page.

Download “Scroll Magic 4.0.9” file – Downloaded 13 times –

There are several templates available in the plugin that are ready to use and can be customized to your needs. You can create your own using Daniel’s excellent guide, but there are many other options that will help you design the animations, the CSS selectors, and other features.

Scroll Magic - WordPress Plugin

Using the widget itself offers a huge selection of options when it comes to adding features to your stories. There is a handy code editor, but you might want to think about creating your own widgets to meet your own storytelling needs, such as a title page widget that allows you to set wallpapers and videos, for example. You could install the plugin, change widget titles globally, or just keep some flexibility and just add what you don’t want to output. It is highly unlikely that your story has a sidebar, so if you do not want the page builder to use normal content, you should disable it.
You will probably also want to add custom fields, such as credits, which will be easier with plugins like CustomPress and Pods.

All you have to do is go to the WordPress Admin panel and add a shortcode to the widget area of your page. Master Slider supports YouTube and Vimeo and is an amazing plugin that allows you to easily add images, HTML – formatted text, and videos to form an animated layer. It offers a video material template that you can use to create amazing video galleries without any problems with just a few lines of code and a little time. Add animations to your website, save and publish them one by one, and you’re done.

Download “Scroll Magic 4.0.9” file – Downloaded 13 times –

You can set the motion to an animation that immediately starts to move as soon as you scroll up or down, or you can simply apply the animation at the top of the page, which triggers it shortly after launch.

For example, the background will turn red in the following tween, will grow to 5 times the size, and perform a full rotation with CSS3 Transforms. The official answer of ScrollMagic is to use something like iScroll (js) to bring scroll dynamics to touch devices, but you could also simply add a CSS3 property to the container WebKit – Overflow – Scroll – Touch, although this obviously does not work in all browsers. Rumor has it that the dependency on jQuery and GreenSock will be lifted, so you can use other animation libraries in the future.

To make the video full screen, I used Javascript and CSS from a previous article I wrote, which increased the dimensions of my video to fit the viewport. To make my title full – height, we used the default method of setting the height of the title to the height of your views, although this seems to better preserve the integrity of the DOM. The example video is also a good starting point for anyone who wants to learn more about the plugin and explore.

Scroll Magic plugin provides excellent support for a wide range of browsers, from Firefox to Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox OS, and Chrome OS.

Download “Scroll Magic 4.0.9” file – Downloaded 13 times –

On Apple devices that do not run iOS 8, scrolling on a tablet can cause considerable pain, as they trigger an onScroll event once the scroll is complete and the user has removed a finger. I implemented a simple workaround that wraps the scroll contents to identify the initialization call that ScrollMagic uses to maintain a much more accurate scroll position. Note that you can quickly navigate up and down Google Cardboard pages, but scrolling is disabled on iOS devices that do not run Apple devices (such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch). For full-page (scrolling actually) we can limit or delay it for a short time.

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