RISE 2.7 – Ultimate Project Manager


RISE 2.7 – Ultimate Project Manager Features

RISE – Ultimate Project Manager is a multipurpose project management system. You can use it to manage projects, clients, invoices, support tickets, estimates, teams, and many other purposes. It is suitable for different types of organizations, freelancers, and individual users. RISE is fast and easy to use. It contains all the essential tools to manage your business.

RISE makes project management much easier. Monitor the tasks of different team members, track time on each tasks and get timesheet. Send invoices for the projects to your clients and get payment online. See auto calculated project progression. Add different milestones and meet the deadline. Discuss on the projects and get client feedback.


Download “RISE 2.7” file – Downloaded 10 times –

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Rise create recurring tasks automatically through cron job. If you need to do same kinds of tasks after every certain time, then set the recurring tasks. It allows to set different time duration to create tasks.

What is new in Rise 2.7?

[Added] Dark mode theme.
[Updated] Upgraded to Codeigniter 4 from Codeigniter 3.
[Updated] Upgraded to Bootstrap 5 from Bootstrap 3.
[Updated] Removed fontawesome icons and added feathericons. 
[Updated] Updated some js plugins. 
[Updated] Updated UI. 
[Updated] Updated UI. 
[Updated]IMAP should support username.
[Updated] Show end date from milestone in gantt.
[Updated] Show estimate accept/reject option even that are not sent.
[Fixed] Estimate initial id save not working.
[Fixed] Client filter not saving.
[Fixed] Store items shows based on client currency instead of system currency.
[Fixed] Upgrade stripe integration.
[Fixed] Ticket type is missing in embed ticket form.
[Fixed] Can't see parent task reference in the sub tasks.
[Fixed] All members are not receiving ticket notifications if there is any assignee in ticket.
[Fixed] Bug in google drive integration

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