phpShort 3.4.0 – URL Shortener Platform


phpShort is an advanced URL Shortener Platform, that allows you to easily shorten links, target your audience based on their location or platform, and provide analytics insights for the shortened links.


Creating and configuring the database:

If you already have an empty database, a database username and password, you can skip the next steps.

  1. Create a new MySQL database.
  2. Create a new MySQL username and password.
  3. Assign full privileges to your database username.


Download “phpShort v3.4.0” file – Downloaded 7 times –

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Uploading the files

Upload what’s inside the Script folder on the web root folder of your domain. This folder is generally called public_htmlhtml, or, but depending on your server’s configuration, it might be named differently.

Configuring the files

Set the access permissions (CHMOD) to 775 to the following files and folders:

  • .env
  • bootstrap/cache
  • public/uploads/brand
  • resources/lang
  • storage
  • storage/framework/
  • storage/framework/cache
  • storage/framework/cache/data
  • storage/framework/sessions
  • storage/framework/views
  • storage/logs

Changing the public directory 

Configure your web server’s document / web root to point to the public directory of the software. For example, if you’ve uploaded the software in folder, your web directory should be changed to folder.

Finishing the installation

  1. Go to and follow the installation wizard.
  2. Once you’ve installed the software, login into your account, and go to
  3. You’ll be asked to activate your License Key.


  1. Make a backup of the .env config file located on your server.
  2. Upload and replace all the files on your server with what’s inside the Script folder.
  3. Restore your .env config file on your server.
  4. Go to and follow the update wizard.1

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