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Mainwp Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension Features

MainWP Matomo (formerly Piwik extension) is an extension of the MainWP plugin, which allows you to monitor detailed statistics about the traffic of your child pages. UptimeRobot is used to monitor over 100 endpoints on your website and the Uptime Status Dashboard is based on its API and uptime status.

Each time you renew the status of an up or downtrend, you have a false positive in different geographic locations to prevent false alarms. You can monitor the ups and downs via email, and you can also get them via a dashboard.

The Monitor Specific APIKeys is a way to pull data to reveal the most important API keys and account specifications. Click on the Uptime Robot API and create a monitor alarm contact for x minutes and y minutes, with this monitor you can monitor specific requests.

The monitor-specific APIKeys can only be used on the client-side, so you can still drag the data, but your client will only be able to see monitor-specific API keys. The monitor-specific APIKeys can only be used on the client-side, so you can still drag the data, but your client will only be able to get the Uptime Robot API key with the MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor extension, please visit the “Uptime Robot” website.

Download “MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension 5.0.2” file – Downloaded 8 times –

They offer free support for the activity log of the MainWP extension in the WordPress forums and by email. You can see a list of all child websites managed by the mainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor extension and the Uptime Robot API key. For more information about this extension, please visit the “MainWP advanced UP time monitor” website.

There is an optional parameter that allows you to add and delete monitors for a particular monitor and its type. You can edit the monitor type by converting the HTTP monitor to a port monitor, but you cannot edit any of the statistics for the monitor listed below (which cannot be added for editing or deleting). If the Stat Monitor is listed and you have added editing and deleting a monitor or are entering monitors, you can also edit this monitor.

MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension

If you want to add more websites and add security plugins to your WordPress site to speed up the process, you can do so too. If you have a large number of websites with many different types of monitors and different monitor types, make sure you have a section for each of these pages.

Activity Logs MainWP extension adds the ability to track what happens after you log in to a child’s page. The extension will retrieve the logs of child websites according to a schedule that can be configured in the extension settings. See the log-in page on the MainWP website for a log of activity logs of all child pages on your website and the parent page logs.

For example, if you want to include security scans in customer reports, you will need to connect to the WordPress plugins supported by MainWP to get this information.
Then you need to install the MainWP Child Plugin on the page you want to synchronize with your dashboard. Once that’s done, it’s important to keep the installation of additional plugins clean so that you can use them as the primary control point from which the rest of your WordPress site is controlled.

The positive thing is that all the plugins of Main WP are available in a single repository, so every developer knows exactly what they are using and contributes to the core plugin wherever they feel it necessary. And the documentation and support are a bonus that gives you everything you need in one place to start managing all WordPress pages from one place, completely free, and not to forget.

On the other hand, the MainWP Child Plugin must be installed on the website you want to manage with your main dashboard. Simply install the MainWP Child Plugin directly from the plugin repository and from there you can install the InfiniteWP Client Plugin on any WordPress site you want to manage with your dashboard.

This is the only step you need to do to monitor your child’s page, which is monitored from your main dashboard, just install it. To create your own MainWP dashboard to control other websites, create a blank WordPress installation and then install the MainWP Dashboard plugin. Once you have created the Master Dashboard, you must have the Main WP Dashboard Plugin enabled.

With the MainWP Branding extension, you can change the details of the MainWP Child plugin to reflect your company’s brand, or hide the plugin completely from the list of installed plugins.

Download “MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension 5.0.2” file – Downloaded 8 times –

Without going into too much detail, there are also backup features to use, including multiple options. This includes the ability to create backups of child pages and even set up backup schedules directly from MainWP Dashboard. Without going into it further, you can also use the Backup & Replication Plan, which is a paid plan. The plan starts free of charge but can be modulated with additional features such as a backup plan, search engine optimization, and an SEO ranking system, all of which can be added for an additional fee.

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