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Hummingbird Pro

Hummingbird Pro 2.7.3 Features

Hummingbird Pro WordPress plugin is a very effective blog platform that lets you instantly add a stunning, attractive experience to any WordPress site. It offers a fully responsive, easily usable, drag and drops WordPress interface, and fully tested WordPress compatible option built using WPMU Team of Japan The main objective of the popular WordPress plugin is to help bloggers get the most out of their blogging activity. It includes strong page-rewriting, site optimization, site speed tweaks, post-format conversion, amongst others.

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Download “Hummingbird Pro 2.7.3” file – Downloaded 15 times –

If you’re interested in finding an all-inclusive solution to your blogging needs, then Hummingbird is definitely the one you’re looking for. But first, you need to download and install the plugin. This may be readily achieved with the help of the installation wizard provided by the WPMU website.

Main features of Hummingbird Pro

When you’ve set up the Hummingbird WordPress plugin through the setup wizard, you will need to activate the plugin. By clicking on the activate’ button, then you will automatically be guided through the process of activating the plugin. Next, you’ll need to configure your own settings. The Hummingbird WordPress plugin utilizes the ‘configure’ option provided in the WordPress Dashboard.

Hummingbird Pro

By default, the WordPress cache plugin uses a front-page plugin. This is highly customizable and is perfect for those who wish to customize their pages. If you want to replace the default front-page plugin, you can do it easily since there are a lot of available options for you to select from. To alter the default mode, click on ‘handle’. From that point, you will be able to change to the various modes like ‘draft’, ‘tacky’, ‘inactive’, ‘stylesheet’, and even ‘pollution’.

Hummingbird Pro

One other important characteristic that the Hummingbird WordPress plugin provides is your Ram Disk. This enables the WordPress program to maximize your website’s performance by reducing the Ram Disk usage percentage. This is vital especially if your website uses a lot of scripts or images. This may also make it more effective and faster when it comes to responding to the user’s activities and making them feel comfortable when using your site.

Last but not the least, the Hummingbird WordPress plugin also has two additional functions. It features the command that displays the consumer’s recent shared files. Additionally, it supplies comprehensive support for Google Analytics. To make the most of these additional functions, you have to install third-party plug-ins like the wp-access-blog plug and wpmu Cache Settings plugin. Both of these added WP plugins will allow you to fully utilize the benefits of your WordPress website.

What’s New in Hummingbird Pro 2.7.3

  • New: Tutorials module
  • New: LiteSpeed instructions for Browser Caching module
  • Enhance: Update the Plugin Health module UI/UX
  • Enhance: REST API endpoints now require at least edit_posts capability
  • Enhance: Uptime reporting description
  • Enhance: Improve export/import description
  • Enhance: CSS above the fold description
  • Enhance: Privacy mode detection in GZIP compression module
  • Enhance: Asset Optimization UI/UX
  • Enhance: Asset Optimization processing of compressed assets
  • Enhance: Asset Optimization switching between modes
  • Enhance: Support for RGBA when optimizing CSS files
  • Enhance: Fallback to site URL if HTTP_HOST is not defined when clearing cache
  • Fix: Recursive loops in Page Caching preloader
  • Fix: Asset Optimization not rewriting relative paths for inlined assets
  • Fix: Remove unused expiry time option for IIS servers in browser caching module
  • Fix: Page caching not properly detecting Asset Optimization CDN status
  • Fix: Page caching clearing all cache when a static page is set as home page
  • Fix: Selects overlapping other DOM elements
  • Fix: PHP notice when re-checking browser caching status
  • Fix: PHP notice for undefined index db_frequency
  • Fix: Performance test notices on mobile

Download “Hummingbird Pro 2.7.3” file – Downloaded 15 times –

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