GeoDirectory List Manager v2.1.0.5

GeoDirectory List Manager

GeoDirectory List Manager Plugin is a service that allows you to create, organize, and edit lists of locations on any map. It also provides an easy way to change the map background or orientation. You can use it for many purposes like creating points of interest, drawing boundaries on a map, or creating custom maps with your own data. The GeoDirectory List Manager is designed to help you organize your location data in a logical way and save it for future use.

Download GeoDirectory List Manager v2.1.0.5 For free


Download “GeoDirectory List Manager” file – Downloaded 6 times –

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You can add new lists at any time and even make changes to existing ones if needed. So it’s perfect for anyone who needs to organize their location data in one place and then save it for later reference.

It’s a simple yet powerful tool that gathers all the information about your list into one place, making it easy to plan your day with just a few clicks.


  • WordPress: 4.7 or higher
  • Core Plugin: 2.1 or higher
  • PHP: 5.6 or higher

What’s New in GeoDirectory List Manager v2.1.0.5

  • List save button not working with bootstrap style – FIXED
  • Only show tab if the content is available. – CHANGED
  • Profile page goes to 502 error on some sites – FIXED

Download “GeoDirectory List Manager” file – Downloaded 6 times –

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