Custom Facebook Feed Pro 3.13.1

Custom Facebook Feed Pro

Do you know one of the best and most beneficial plugins for WordPress is Custom Facebook Feed Pro? Yes, It will enable you to create a custom feed for your FB fan page. It offers you to manage all the feeds for all of the profile pages of your site with only one simple step. You can easily use it by following the few steps below:

First of all, you have to install the plugin – you can search for it in the WordPress Administration Panel. After installation, go to the “Add New” tab on the left side and then choose” FB Feed Pro”. You might need to create an account if you don’t have an account already for this plugin.

Type in the necessary information on the “What are the fees?” Option. You will be asked to give a name for the feed, a description, and the title of the webpage where the updates will be displayed. Once you enter all the information, the plugin will create a page for you.

Here’s another tip. If you have already set up an individual profile for a fan page, you can omit that section in the feed and make your own feed. Just make sure you’ve selected the right setting and that it is set as the default one so that it won’t be customized. It’s really very easy. Just make sure that you’ve followed the instructions properly.

Now you’ve got your customized feed prepared. Just start displaying any updates on your page. They will be automatically published every time you post a new blog entry or a hyperlink to a new page on your website. Your articles will also appear in the news feeds for several of your friends, if they have their own Facebook accounts.

Custom Facebook Feed Pro

The great thing about the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin is that it will also help you manage the visibility of your articles or even your whole blog itself. If you have any RSS feed, blog entry, or information feed enabled, the plugin will do the job of updating them. However, you can choose to manage them individually, too. In fact, you can have multiple lists – one for each of your main accounts (eg. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc..)

You may personalize your feed with one of these 3 methods, too. If you need to change the look of your feed, all you have to do is alter the appearance option in the settings. If you would like to change the formatting or color schemes, simply alter the choices there, also. These are simply a couple of the many custom options available to you in regards to the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin.

So, are you excited to get the Custom Facebook Feed Pro WordPress plugin? If so, all you have to do is to, click on the download button below for free, and then install it on your WordPress site. That’s it! Your feed will immediately start working on the website.

Download “Custom Facebook Feed Pro 3.13.1” file – Downloaded 14 times –

But what if you don’t care about custom alarms? Don’t worry; you can disable them, too. This will not affect others who wish to accompany you on Facebook, but it won’t mess up your stream with unrelated products. All custom notifications will be shown one at a time, on one page.

Custom Facebook Feed Pro

How to disable Custom Facebook Feed Pro

There are two fantastic ways to disable custom notifications:

  • Disable using the plugins
  • Disable using the WordPress attribute mentioned above.

Even though the first option may appear to be the simplest, it has one big problem: the plugin usually removes all custom notification choices from the list. That means that you won’t have the ability to customize any of them and this will be a significant issue for some of us. If that is the case for you, then consider disabling the plugin.

The second option, using the WordPress attribute, is the perfect one. This feature allows you to disable the custom notification attribute for a specific page or post and only re-enable it at a later date. However, the drawback of this feature is that the user has to go through a lengthy process to disable the feature, and then enable it again. The process is usually easy enough to do, but it takes time.

Custom Facebook Feed Pro is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to make sure their feed shows up whenever they wish to. With this software, you can create custom lists, personalize how those lists exhibit, and even choose which feeds to display. With these simple steps, you can make sure that everybody is aware of what’s happening in your life! The options are endless so get creative, and you’ll definitely have the ability to find a way to create Facebook better for you!

Download “Custom Facebook Feed Pro 3.13.1” file – Downloaded 14 times –

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