Cicool v3.2.4 – Page, Form, Rest API and CRUD Generator

Cicool v3.2.4 – Page

Cicool web builder is used to create dynamic web, making rest API, Dynamic Forms, CRUD dynamic and Page Builder incredible, build web application fast and possible,

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Main Features of Cicool PHP Script

CRUD Generator
PAGE Generator
Form Generator
REST API Generator
Wizard Installation
20+ Field Type
35+ Form Validation
Ajax Form
Testing Your API With Rest Tool (ready on cicool)
Dynamic Menu
Auto Generate Documentation
Shortcode Form Embed on Page
Easy Customize Frontend Theme
Smart model
RESTful Server
Backend Integrate with AdminLTE
Full Access Control With Auth
Easy to save data with hotkeys
Uploads file just drag and drop
Multi-Language (New)
Form Wizzard (New)
eCommerce Starter (Comming soon)
More awesome templates page builder (Comming soon)

Field Type

  • input
  • textarea
  • select
  • editor WYSIWYG
  • password
  • email
  • address map
  • file
  • DateTime
  • date
  • number
  • yes or no
  • time
  • year
  • select multiple
  • checkboxes
  • options
  • true false
  • custom option
  • custom checkbox
  • custom select multiple
  • custom select
  • timestamp (new)
  • current user username (new)
  • current user id (new)
  • multiple files(new)
  • Chain input type for the country, state, city(new)
  • E-Commerce Module(new)
  • and more.

Form Validation

  • required
  • max length
  • min length
  • valid email
  • valid emails
  • regex
  • decimal
  • allowed extension
  • max-width
  • max-height
  • max size
  • valid URL
  • alpha
  • alphanumeric
  • alphanumeric spaces
  • valid number
  • valid DateTime
  • valid date
  • valid max selected option
  • valid min selected option
  • valid alphanumeric spaces underscore
  • matches
  • valid JSON
  • valid URL
  • exact length
  • max item
  • and more.

What is Newin Cicool PHP Script?

– database module
– API filter
– fix bugs

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