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Bookly Packages Add-on

Bookly Packages Add-on features

Bookly Packages is a plugin for your WordPress dashboard that allows you to manage your appointments, appointments, and payments. It is one of the most popular WooCommerce plugins for WordPress, with more than 1.5 million active users and over 1 million subscribers.
A useful feature that the CM Booking Calendar plugin offers is the ability to create a responsive front-end calendar, which you can then add to your blog with a shortcode to add posts, pages, or wherever you want. This plugin will be available soon, making it possible to embed your booking calendar almost anywhere on your website.

The Bookly Packages plugin’s core features can also be improved with recurring payments, and several add-ons can be sold as extras to complement the service, such as a monthly or annual subscription or even a weekly subscription.
The basic WooCommerce plugin is completely free, so you do not have to worry about paying, but the premium version of the plugin comes with a number of features that will be required for advanced users, such as the ability to pay by credit card or debit card.

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The Bookly Packages plugin is equipped with a number of robust features to offer your services, from managing online appointments to growing your business. You will have the opportunity to create a booking system tailored to your needs, as well as access to a wide range of booking options.

Understanding the options you need for your booking increase in WordPress can save you valuable time and money in the long run, and also save you money.
Using a booking plugin that has not been recently reviewed or updated to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress can hurt you if you are not careful. If you are not directly involved with WooCommerce, you will have to choose another plugin, or you will always be one step behind. To enable online payments, you need a WordPress booking package that is at least Woocommerce compatible and offers integration with your payment provider. This will help you create a currency system on your WordPress site and adding this plugin to your site, will allow your customers and customers.

The Bookly Packages is available as a standalone WordPress plugin that can help you automate booking, scheduling, and shortcode widget support. You can also integrate this plugin with Google Calendar and the WooCommerce system and give Bookly the option to receive payments via PayPal.

In addition, this plugin has a ton of integrations that allow you to integrate with your users by dragging and dropping, as well as direct integration with the WooCommerce system. This plugin integrates with Woo Commerce, which allows your website to benefit from website enhancements and various payment portals. Any plugin that uses Woo Commerce to create booking enhancements will inherit these outstanding features.

When you purchase the Booked plugin, you will also get access to add WooCommerce Booking Agents and Calendar Feed – addon. After purchasing and installing Bookly Pro, all Bookly plugins are activated and Booky Pro adds.

This plugin allows you to fill your add-on portfolios to showcase your work, set up an online shop to sell your products, and promote your business as a service. This plugin frees up the limitations of bookly plugins, adds extensive modules to existing modules, enables new features, and allows you to purchase and install dozens of add-ons to meet your specific business needs.

Bookly Packages is a free plugin that provides all the features and customization you need to set up your booking system. WPForm is the best form builder plugin for WordPress and makes it easy to create online booking forms directly from your WordPress dashboard. As a basic booking plugin, you can use wpform, which is also one of the best-rated WordPress form builders on the market.

To create a robust online booking system, you will certainly need the WooCommerce plugin to download, install and set up. If you have already set up your Woo shop in WordPress, adding this booking and appointment plugin can turn your shopping experience into a built-in feed. The frontend surface looks elegant and modern and is easy to use in the backend as well as in the frontend view.

Main Features:

  • Set discounts on packages to encourage more sales and increase customer loyalty.
  • Set a validity period to make sure customers use their package deals.
  • Customizable and responsive booking form that works on any device;
  • Booking list with a variety of filtering options that you can print or export to CSV;
  • Endless list of staff members with individual working schedules, prices, and more;
  • No limits for adding services. You can also set the color code for each service;
  • CRM features with unlimited clients list which displays payments stats and internal notes about the client;
  • Various templates for customizable Email and SMS notifications;
  • Google Calendar integration;
  • In-built PayPal Express Checkout option, the list of completed and pending payments;
  • Overview of the booking and payment statistics with built-in analytical reports;
  • WooCommerce compatibility;
  • Multi-language support – 12 languages included;
  • Six months of 24/7 online customer support.
  • To learn more about the differences between the Bookly Pro add-on, the Bookly Package plugin, and the features of add-ons for Bookly Pro we recommend checking the live demos or creating the Sandbox website.

What’s New On Bookly Packages Add-on 3.9

Added support for Bookly 16.8

Video Tutorial


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