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Bookly Custom Fields Add-on

Bookly Custom Fields (Add-on) features

Bookly Custom Fields (Add-on) allows you to create as many fields as you need. Choose from the different types of questions, make them required or optional, and add them to the Details step of the booking process. When your clients book a service, they’ll see custom fields to be filled out before the booking confirmation. When the client completes the booking, all reservation details will be added to your Bookly Calendar.

Bookly Custom Fields Plugin is a well-known plugin to manage even the registration in a – profound – way. With this plugin, you can create detailed itineraries that span days, weeks, months, or you can add a description for each day and integrate the list into a unique package.

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For example, you can use the Event Manager to create a list of events for a specific day, week, month, or even a whole year. You can also enable custom fields, giving you full control over the design of your form. The Custom Field add-on menu allows me to create as many fields for my form as I need to add, and I get more fields added for each additional field. Not only can you add MailChimp support, but you also have the option to create a custom form with custom fields and custom forms for different types of forms.

If you add an additional field to your form after adding custom fields, it will appear in the “Add Custom Fields” menu. If you do not, the additional fields will not appear until you add them, but if you do, they will only appear in the first field of your custom form.
Make sure you check the “Add Custom Fields” checkbox at the top right of your Custom Fields menu. Look at the custom fields you have created, check the checkboxes for the corresponding services, and display them in your custom fields.

This feature also helps you to save the trouble of canceling incorrect reservations in advance, as well as a lot of hassle. By adding a custom field to the email body, you can add this information to your email notifications to employees and customers. If the plugin is accepted, it will send a notification as the booking date approaches.

Bookly Custom Fields Add-on plugin is a WordPress booking system that helps you to add your appointments and more with the help of Bookly Custom Fills – on, a free and easy – to use plugin.

For example, if you run a hair salon, using the plugin of your choice can significantly reduce the time you need to manage online bookings. You can manage customer profiles, add new rooms, add new stores and manage your customer profile in real-time with each booking. This allows users to create new bookings for their services and you can use this plugin to manage other types of services using a timetable system. Bookings can be managed from the admin dashboard or within the Bookly Custom Fills add-on.

Therapists who work within a tight time frame can make scheduling a hassle-free way to manage new requests.
Finally, we have a beautiful business owner working in the travel industry and we have added Bookly Pro to her online schedule. Add in things like this and you can take online scheduling to the next level.

Read on as we narrow our search for the best booking platforms down to just 10 choices. And last but not least, you should be aware of the documentation files and tutorials provided by the plugins.

By downloading and installing the Bookly Custom Fields Add-on plugin, you can ask your customers more details and improve the customer experience they provide. If you want to ask a customer for details before making an appointment, use the custom fields that you add to add questions to the Details of the booking process step and add as many questions as you want to include in your booking form. Choose from different types of questions, ask the desired or optional questions and add them to each step of the booking process.

With the Bookly Custom Fields Add-on, you can create as many fields as you need and create different types of questions that you need to include. If you enable the “Service” option in the Binding field, you can create services-specific custom fields.

To avoid duplicate custom fields in the Details step, if customers book multiple instances of a service, you can enable the feature of merging one field with another. You can also repeat a custom field in another service using the “Service” and “Custom Fields” options in your bind field.

To add custom fields, select the type of custom field, enter the content, and select “Custom Fields.” You can insert elements of the booking form in the field that the customer must fill in, as well as the options that he will select.

In addition, this applies to multisite installations as well as BuddyPress if you use it on a single site – Site WordPress Admin Dashboard, such as WordPress Admin Dashboard. This plugin is integrated with all the features and tools that help you manage everything from WordPress admins to dashboards.

In short, vCita focuses on making it as easy as possible for new customers to sign up. You want to have a way to attract them and manage the entire property list and your entire property list in one place

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Setup and configuration

  1. Purchase, download, and activate the Bookly Custom Fields (Add-on) in Plugins.
  2. In the Bookly menu > Appearance > Details tab, make sure that the box next to the ‘Show custom fields’ option is checked.
  3. You will see a Custom fields tab in the left sidebar menu in the Bookly menu. To add a custom field, select the type* of it, press + button, and enter your content.
  4. All custom fields can be rearranged just as you need by dragging the sandwich icon. Extra fields will appear on the Details step of the booking process, just below the personal info fields.
  5. If you select the custom field to be a Required field, your clients won’t be able to complete the booking before they answer your questions.
  6. If you’ve enabled the Bind fields to services option, you’ll be able to create service-specific custom fields. It means that you can ask for different info depending on the service the client is booking. See the drop-down list next to the created custom field and mark the checkbox for relevant services.
  7. To avoid duplicates of custom fields at the Details step (for example, when customers book multiple instances of the service), you can enable the feature of merging them into one field.

The option Merge repeating custom fields for multiple bookings of the service works for the same services. If a customer books the same service two times, the custom fields will be merged. If a customer books two or more different services, the custom fields will be repeated for each service.

What’s New On Bookly Custom Fields Add-on 2.3

Added support for Bookly 16.8

Video Tutorial


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